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Teaching and promotion of practical scientific work

Sci-Tech Services provides the teaching of scientific practical work in the following disciplines: Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Life and Earth Sciences. It does so in collaboration with the Institute for Training in Electronics and Programming (IFEP).

This education is provided in higher education institutes and secondary education establishments. In addition, the Sci-Tech Services laboratories are opened to anyone (pupil and student) who wishes to train in Scientific Practical Work (physics, electronics, chemistry, biology).

We have the right equipment and knowledgeable and dedicated staff. For higher education, we offer practical work in physics and electronics to institutes of higher education following the official program and particularities of each institute. This service frees educational institutes from the delicate and difficult burden of purchasing and maintaining equipment, but also from the difficulty of finding scientific staff capable of carrying out practical work (in fact Sci-Tech Services also puts its staff available to partner establishments).

Some partners benefiting from our services:

  • University Institute of Sciences and Management (Quartier Bastos, Yaoundé),
  • University of Sciences, Technologies and Ethics (Mendong district, Yaoundé)
  • ISHANGO Institute (Biyem-Assi district, Yaoundé)
  • Sci-Tech Services also supports establishments in acquiring and setting up their laboratories for practical scientific work. It establishes the training programs, the list of equipment, the quotation and can even deliver this equipment to the establishment.

    Our main services

    Photo 1 : Student in physics practical work in our center
    Photo 2 : Student in physics practical work in our center
    Photo 3 : Demonstration of the laws of optics with secondary school students
    Photo 4 : High school students during a dissection session in our center
    Photo 5 : Demonstration of the laws of electricity
    Photo 6 : Some practical work equipment in our center

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