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Scientific and technological competitions

You want to receive a good comprehensive training in scientific computer programming, electronics and microcontroller programming (practice with theoretical background), come to Sci-Tech Services and you will find what you need. This training is organized jointly with the Training Institute in Electronics and Programming (IFEP).

In Computer Programming, the following modules are offered to you: Exploitation of excel software in scientific computation, Algorithmic elements, Introduction to programming languages, Writing of computer programs, Computer processing of computer programs, Exploitation of scientific software.

In electronics, your training will follow the following modules: Presentation of electronic components, Practice of measuring the values of electronic components, Practice of electronic assemblies, Reading of electronic cards of electronic devices and tests of their condition, Welding of electronic components and replacement toasted components.

To facilitate the work of learners, Sci-Tech-Services has a cafeteria and two furnished apartments with a capacity of four beds for the stay of learners coming from other cities in Cameroon or coming from abroad.

Contact us for the duration and cost of training as well as how to accommodate you in Sci-Tech Services apartments. Our costs are low and are intended to support our experts.

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